Occupation Culture
12 – 7PM, June 26 @ MAYDAY ROOMS
88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH, United Kingdom

How has squatting contributed to the production of art and culture? During times where the cost of rent and living rises well beyond the ability of cultural workers to support themselves in the metropolis, squatting has played an important role in making possible the continued existence of autonomous art and culture.

Come and join us for this daylong event that will seek together to bring materials and experiences of how occupations and squatting have contributed to the production of autonomous culture. From social centres to free schools, temporary galleries to combined studios and living spaces, we invite people to bring along materials from your projects that explore these questions and connections.

We will be joined by historian and activist Alan W. Moore, who has been working on setting up and documenting these spaces and practices for almost forty years. We will start with an informal lunch and sharing of food, spending the afternoon working through and discussing materials that are brought, and then in the early evening Alan will present his new book on the subject, Occupation Culture: Art & Squatting in the City from Below, and the recent anthology Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces.