The Minor Compositions Podcast is produced in collaboration with Firefly Frequencies

Episode 1: Communizing Publishing with Nick Thoburn
Episode 2: Football and Radical Politics with Gabriel Kuhn
Episode 3: Surrealism and the War on Work with Abigail Susik
Episode 4: The Weight of the Printed Word with Steve Wright
Episode 5: Squatting, Art, and Gentrification with Clarrie Pope and Alan W. Moore
Episode 6: Nomadic Machines
Episode 7: Feminism, Punk and the Avant-Garde with Becky Binns
Episode 8: After the Internet with Tiziana Terranova
Episode 9: Compound Lyricism with Rully Shabara (Senyawa)
Episode 10: Autonomia and Art with Jacopo Galimberti
Episode 11: Italian Operaismo with Gigi Roggero
Episode 12: The Subhumans & Punk Historiography with Ian Glasper
Episode 13: Up Against the Real with Nadja Millner-Larsen