The Beautiful Warriors. Technofeminist Praxis in the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Cornelia Sollfrank

The Beautiful Warriors. Technofeminist Practice in the 21stCenturybrings together seven current technofeminist positions from the fields of art and activism. In very different ways, they expand the theories and practices of 1990’s cyberfeminism and thus react to new forms of discrimination and exploitation. Gender politics are negotiated with reference to technology, and questions of technology are combined with questions of ecology and economy. The different positions around this new techno-eco-feminism understand their practice as an invitation to take up their social and aesthetic interventions, to join in, to continue, and never give up.

Contributions from Christina Grammatikopoulou, Isabel de Sena, Femke Snelting, Cornelia Sollfrank, Spideralex, Sophie Toupin, hvale vale, Yvonne Volkart.

Bio:Cornelia Sollfrank is an artist, researcher, and university lecturer living in Berlin. She is the co-founder of the women-and-technology, -Innen, and Old Boys Network collectives. Currently, she works as a research associate at the University of the Arts in Zürich. Continue reading →