Future Che
John Gruntfest

Future Che brings together, for the first time, the art, poetry and music of legendary free jazz saxophonist and composer John Gruntfest. Drawing on a critical theory of waves Future Che incites wave after wave of joyful insurrection.

This book-art-music object includes an introduction by Richard Gilman-Opalsky and a live recording of a performance at the San Francisco Metropolitan Art Center.

Gruntfest draws upon both western and eastern radical artistic and philosophical traditions, from Ives to Coltrane, Buddha to Marx, Goldman to Debord, Whitman to Artaud… embracing all those creative, questioning, and life affirming movements that reject the stultifying, alienating, and deadening culture of capitalist death.

Bio: John Gruntfest has experimented in multiple mediums since the sixties, and has played the saxophone for over fifty years. He is a red diaper baby who worked with radical street theatre, helped to foster the San Francisco experimental music scene, and has played and toured with countless bands. For over 30 years he has led the Raven Free Orchestra.

Future Che by Minor Compositions

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Official release to the book trade in Fall 2014.

Available direct from Minor Compositions now for the special price of £10.

First edition limited print run comes into numbered colored (green or orange) sleeve.

You can also download it here: Future Che

50 pages, A5 trim, with CD
US: $24 / UK: £16
ISBN 978-1-57027-270-7