To contact Minor Compositions the most reliable method is to send an email to:

Please be aware that having reached a stage where the proliferation and intensification of immaterial labor have become pathological, where they threaten to overwhelm the body’s capacity for attending to stimulus, it may take a few days for us to get back to you.

Our low traffic announcement list (no more than 1-2 messages per month) can be subscribed to here. Likewise, the requisite fb page, can be located here.

Submission Guidelines
Minor Compositions is fueled by free labor, which is to say that it is both self-organized self-exploitation and/or self-valorization. Thus we have to be extremely selective about projects that we take on for publication.

If you would like to make a proposal for the series you can do so by sending it to All proposals should include the following information:

– Overview of the proposed project.
– Outline of the chapters and materials included.
– Core arguments and themes covered. What is the importance of this topic at this moment?
– How do you understand the audience or community that this project addresses? How does this project resonate with various communities and movements?
– The importance and/or relevance of this project for autonomous politics
– How the project fits in within Minor Compositions as an overall project and series of publications?
– Total projected length of the project (including information about images, design concerns, additional media to be employed, etc.)
– Information about the author and/or other people involved.
– Projected timeline for completion
– If you are available for a book tour, author events, and other activities to promote the project.