Minor Compositions exists with a teeming, swarming network of collective intelligence, exchange, and practice: somewhere between the post-Fordist paradigm of net-working and the immanent communism of not-working (or at least avoiding working as much as possible). Some projects, networks, and organizations we collaborate within, or feel a strong affinity with, include:

Active Distribution
AK Press
Carrot Workers
Generation On-Line
Journal of Aesthetics & Protest
Leeds May Day Group / Free Association
Little Black Cart
MayFly Books
Midnight Notes
Micropolitics Research Group
Serpica Naro
16 Beaver Group

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The Minor Compositions Editorial Undercommons comprises a dispersed network of accomplices and comrades who provide insight, assistance, and support on projects of mutual interest. If you are interested in becoming involved please send a message indicating that and your general areas of interest to minorcompositions [a t] gmail.com.

Editor / Coordinator:
Stevphen Shukaitis