Minor Compositions exists with a teeming, swarming network of collective intelligence, exchange, and practice: somewhere between the post-Fordist paradigm of net-working and the immanent communism of not-working (or at least avoiding working as much as possible). Some projects, networks, and organizations we collaborate within, or feel a strong affinity with, include:

Active Distribution
AK Press
Balkan Depot
Carrot Workers
Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy
the commoner
Fifth Estate
Generation On-Line
Journal of Aesthetics & Protest
Leeds May Day Group / Free Association
Little Black Cart
MayFly Books
Midnight Notes
Micropolitics Research Group
Cultural Resistance Research Network
Serpica Naro
Team Colors
This is Forever
16 Beaver Group

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Minor Compositions Editorial Undercommons
Jack Z. Bratich
Chiara Bottici
Chris Carlsson
Stephen Duncombe
Dave Eden
Heather Gautney
Bruno Gulli
Stefano Harney
Robert Herbst
Femke Kaulingfreks
Yvonne Liu
Eli Meyerhoff
Malav Kanuga
Giuseppina Mecchia
Alan W Moore
Michal Osterweil
Dimitris Papadopoulos
Jason Read
Tiziana Terranova
Nick Thoburn
Miriam Tola

Stevphen Shukaitis