Minor Compositions publications are distributed and available through this website (see the publications section for paypal links) as well as through Autonomedia, AK Press, and AK UK. This site is set up primarily for the ordering of single books, mainly within the UK (and US). If you want to order multiple books or order them shipped somewhere that is more difficult to post to post-Brexit, send an email to arrange that.

Book trade orders and distribution are available directly from Turnaround (for the UK, Europe, and Asia) and AK Press and Autonomedia (in the US and Canada).

If you are interested in acquiring copies for for a militant research project, reading group, or other form of pedagogic endeavor get in contact us for more information.

A  Note on Free Culture, Digital Communization, and Solidarity
All Minor Compositions publications are placed for free, in their entirety, on the web. This is because the free and autonomous sharing of knowledges and experiences is quite important, especially at a time when the restructuring and increased centralization of book distribution makes it  difficult (and expensive) to effectively distribute radical texts. The free posting of these texts does not, however, mean that the necessary energy and labor necessary to produce them is no longer there. One can think of buying physical copies not as the purchase of commodities, but as a form of support or solidarity for an approach to knowledge production and engaged research.

We are especially interested in groups, collectives, or projects that are interested in using the works as part of their own practice, and thus will give large discount for collectives or projects that are interested in purchasing multiple copies for such purposes. Get in touch for more information.

“Autonomy is not a fixed, essential state. Like gender, autonomy is created through its performance, by doing/becoming; it is a political practice. To become autonomous is to refuse authoritarian and compulsory cultures of separation and hierarchy through embodied practices of welcoming difference… Becoming autonomous is a political position for it thwarts the exclusions of proprietary knowledge and jealous hoarding of resources, and replaces the social and economic hierarchies on which these depend with a politics of skill exchange, welcome, and collaboration. Freely sharing these with others creates a common wealth of knowledge and power that subverts the domination and hegemony of the master’s rule.” – subRosa Collective